Original IWC Doppelchronograph Pilot’s Watch – Split–Seconds Caliber 79230

In 1993, IWC introduced a Doppelchronograph – a chronograph with a complex function of the minute – based on a much improved Valjoux 7750 base. The I92C movement 79230 is a very unusual project, unlike other pin chronograph, start, stop and reset as well as separation functions are coordinated with lever and CAM systems. The Valjoux 7750 base is a non-columnar chronograph, and it certainly is. Its designer, Edmond Capt, aims to make it both economical and sturdy. In the decades since its launch, that has proved to be the case. Omitting a major cost savings – while the IWC Replica Swiss Movement comes from 7750, the movements 79230, as far as I know, the first pin chronograph watch uses a lever and CAM system for conventional timetables and split functions. The result is a relatively easy to produce, very reliable split-second automatic chronograph movement, whose only drawback is that it has adopted a fairly thick core and made it slightly thicker.

Before we take a look at the IWC replica watches 79230 movement, let’s take a look at how the classic pin chronograph works. You can use the reduced clock clock movements as you wish. A comprehensive discussion of its many interesting technical attributes, and what it represents in terms of motor organization, is worth an article of its own (probably more than one), but what we can immediately observe is the split-second mechanism. This includes a central split-second wheel, with steel tongs on both sides, and about 1 point in the figure above controlled by the column wheel. The column wheel used to control start, stop and reset is located under the circular steel lid, about 9:30. If you have some trouble picking out all the details, the chart here shows only the split second mechanism.

At the bottom is the split second wheel, which is located in the center of the movement. The minute-second wheel is mounted on a hollow tube, through the mechanism to the side of the dial; The luxury fake IWC watch minute-second hand is coupled with the friction of the pipe. At the center of the pipe is the solid pivot of the central chronograph second hand. Center chronograph second hand wheel, with pivot and hand, located above the second wheel; Mounted on it is heart CAM G. When the chronograph is running and the hands are not separated, the ruby roller I is located in the lowest depression of the heart part under the pressure of the spring J. This mechanically couples the minute-second wheel to the chronograph second hand and causes the chronograph second hand and chronograph second hand to rotate together.

Operating the split-second thruster causes the column wheel to rotate, causing the pliers K to fall to the split-second wheel at the pressure of its spring F. This makes the minute hand freeze. The copy IWC replica watches chronograph second hand, its wheels and heart pieces continue to spin, as they do, with the ruby wheel moving up and down the outer edge of the heart piece. When the pliers are turned on (by pressing the minute-push to make the column wheel spin another increment), under the pressure of the spring J, the ruby roller immediately turns to the low point of the heart piece, and the minute hand “catches” the main chronograph second hand.

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