Luxury fake IWC Tribute to Pallweber Edition 150 years watches

Before SIHH 2018, in December, the IWC launched a series of four watches, including a very surprising one. As an independent product, not included in any existing series, IWC universal watch pays tribute to Pallweber, which is specially designed for the 150th anniversary of shavhausen brand. A reversion of one of the largest watches in the IWC replica watches, now made of steel, still has the same digital hour and minute display.

Salute to Pallweber is a completely original watches, restoring ancient ways is a wrist watch, not famous watches in the 1960 s, but based on the luxury fake IWC watch made one of the most iconic pocket watch Pallweber. This 1884 work presents a fascinating display, based on hours and minutes of digital display – the first of its kind at the time. Developed in 1884, the Pallweber system is based on the Pallweber system developed by salzburg watchmaker Josef Pallweber. It shows the hours and minutes of the Numbers on the rotating disk.

Although the modern reversion is now a wristwatch, it still insists on using the identical display used by Josef Pallweber’s famous pocket watch. This is a truly original watch because it does not belong to any current collection and uses its own design code. For example, the large case (45mm in diameter, usually the same as the IWC Replica Swiss Movement Watches) was shaped like a pocket watch and later added a wired ear. However, this architecture makes the watch very compact and easy to wear on the wrist. In addition, the thickness limit is 12 mm.

IWC pays tribute to Pallweber’s spirit, which is definitely its demonstration. It relies on three separate instructions: the top hour, the center minute, and the 6 minute hand – completely focused on the dial, like an antique Pallweber pocket watch. While keeping the antique/pocket watch theme in place, the IWC decided to use a gloss paint that mimics enamel. The result is attractive rendering, with smooth surfaces, reflecting light and providing great depth.

For SIHH 2018, there are two versions besides the red and gold models that have been introduced. The first is a platinum version of 25 pieces, a white dial and a blue disc. The second is the theme of this article, made of stainless steel and equipped with IWC Replica Watches Reviews. Disc for white, black number, dial with contrasting white inscriptions and tracks, small second – hand rhodium plating.On the core side, we found the same core as the red gold version, the newly developed 94200 core. The core relies on complex two-person buildings. Because the jump indicator requires a lot of energy, the movement has two different mainspring and gear systems. The first classic dynamic escapement mechanism and timing section. The second provides the energy required to propel a one-minute disc.

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