Best fake IWC Portugieser Constant Force Tourbillon Edition 150 years watches

The IWC replica watches celebrated its 150th anniversary, a remarkable feat. To mark this important milestone, the brand will be featured on SIHH 2018, a special silver jubilee collection with no fewer than 27 limited edition watches, all with common features, especially the white or blue painted dial (we have exclusive preview… Some are just crazy to believe us that SIHH 2018 will make some collectors happy. These limited editions will be included in most collections, including Portugieser, Portofino, Pilot’s Watches and the Da Vinci family.

These include IWC giportueser Constant Force tourniquet 150 years. The iconic giportueser 15 limited-edition versions come with the new 94805. The evolution of the 94800 core, which now has a high precision single-month display (rather than a two-moon indicator for the moon age) in both hemispheres, requires only one day of adjustment after the age of 577.5.

From a technical point of view, the core integrates two mechanisms to improve timing and counteract two main phenomena that affect the accuracy of the IWC Replica Swiss Movement Watches: gravity and reduced torque. First of all, no. 9 super large tufted (only 15.8 mm in diameter…) ) to counteract the negative effects of gravity. It operates at a classical frequency of 18,000 vibrations per hour and remains under a thin hollow bridge. Second, the tuofei wheel is equipped with a constant force device, which can transmit even pulses to the oscillator. Constant force is the holy grail of watchmaking and timing.

The variable driving force transferred to the watch’s governing mechanism influences their speed, since the balance wheel is not completely isochronous – isochronous means that the oscillation period is independent of the amplitude of oscillation. If various solutions are designed, luxury fake IWC watch chooses to integrate additional escapement mechanisms between the escapement wheel and the fourth round. Every second, it wraps a spiral spring around it as a temporary energy saver, driving the escapement wheel with constant energy to provide balance.

This mechanism has been integrated into the tourniquet wheel and explains the abnormal and discrete IWC Replica Watches Reviews of the cage and the second hand (one second’s step length). To drive the large and highly complex heliostat, the 94805 uses two clockboxes to store up to four days’ worth of power reserves (48 hours in constant force mode). It’s in the iconic giportueser case, which you don’t need to mention. Diameter 46 mm, relatively thin, 13 mm, made of all the most noble metal platinum. Under sapphire glass with arched edges, white dial finish and black print marks. It has a blue pointer. The precise phase of the moon is at one o ‘clock, and the power reserve is at four o ‘clock – a rather unusual but balanced display.

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