2018 Geneva International Watch Fair IWC Replica Watch

The 150th anniversary, whether for the watch industry or for a brand, can not be ignored for some time. In 2018 IWC has just arrived, a special day for the 150th anniversary of the brand. At this year’s Geneva Haute Horlogerie & Wrox, Universal also launches the watch worthy of “Special Edition Pallweber” watches, worthy of your attention at IWC Watch 2018 Geneva Haute Horloger Int’l IWC watches new products.

First of all, the limited edition IWC “Pallweber” special edition watch in the special edition of the 150th anniversary of the brand, with time-hopping numerals. This is the first time IWC has placed the hour and minute digital display on the watch. As early as 1884, this design has already appeared. Pallweber pocket watches show large numbers of hours and minutes on a rotating display. However, the time for such an innovation seemed too avant-garde at the time: the watch sold well for a while and then faded out of sight for a few years to come. To celebrate the anniversary of the brand, pay tribute to the pioneering spirit of Schaffhausen watchmakers on the IWC Special Edition for the 150th Anniversary of Pallweber (Model 5050). Platinum limited edition of 25 pieces, red gold limited edition 250, pieces, limited edition of 500 pieces of steel.

At the same time, as a unique highlight of the anniversary, IWC also launched a “Tribute to Waveweb” pocket watch, a limited edition of 50, is IWC IWC 1890’s historic wave Weibo watch discontinued after the first digital display Hour and minute pocket watches, but also the Swiss luxury watchmakers in the 21st century’s first new pocket watch. Objects such as pocket watches that have a retro feel are very, very special, for many people.

Portofino series has been one of the most loved watches in the IWC Watches collection. IWC Portofino Replica manually wound moon phase watch with red and steel to create, with white or blue finish dial. Red Gold is the only gold case watch with a blue dial in the anniversary special edition series. Pointers, moon phase and moon show stars and also through the gold-plated handle, and the dial complement each other. Stainless steel case style moon phase profit and loss display of the moon and stars are selected rhodium-plated material. Based on the 59000 movement series, the IWC Model 59800 self-made movement adds a moon phase gain and loss display, with a one-day error every 122 years from the lunar cycle. One of the white dial automatic winding movement Portofino series watches, watch house also conducted a real shooting.

IWC introduced the 150th anniversary edition of the brand special edition watch series of three limited pilot watches. Among them is a very special big fly, it will be included in the replica watches review design calendar, but also the first series of “fly” with a large calendar window watch.

Red gold (real shot)

Platinum models (real shot)
Da Vinci Automatic Watch “150th Anniversary” Special Edition comes with a small second hand at 6 o’clock, and for the first time using the new IWC 82200-made movement. In addition, IWC has also introduced the 36 “150th Anniversary” special edition of the Da Vinci Moon Phase Automatic Watch with 206 flawless diamonds and a total of 2.26 carats.

Pilot’s Chronograph “150 Years” Special Edition (Model: IW377725) Inspired by the popular pilot chronograph, this new edition of the Anniversary Special Edition series features a limited edition of 1000 pieces. Homemade movement is also one of its highlights and celebrations.

Replica IWC 2018 New Year special edition presents

In the spring season, the earth in the east is full of vigor and vitality, ready to go. Replica IWC 2018 New Year Special Edition – Portofino series of automatic watches, financial strength of oriental culture, volume floral, carrying well-being, to give time to stretch. Chinese New Year Special Edition unique symbol of the beautiful Chinese traditional decorations – “Peony” and “five bats”, delicate subtle, quiet to the United States, and the bottom of the red gold gloss into one. Crafted skill and the spirit of the East craftsmen the same strain, a blossoming, full of heaven and earth. Two New Year special editions are exclusively available in mainland China.

IWC 2018 New Year Special Edition – Portofino Fino Automatic Watch 37 Model: IW458118
Diameter 37 mm, silver plated dial, 18K red gold case with red alligator strap. The end of the table engraved meaning rich and peaceful “Peony” decoration, more elegant design for the East China Oriental charm. Full chain can provide 42 hours power reserve. Reference Retail Price: RMB 98,800 (Exclusively available in mainland China only)

IWC 2018 New Year Special Edition – Portofino Fino Automatic Watch Model: IW356521
Diameter 40 mm, silver plated dial, red gold case with dark brown crocodile leather strap. The bottom of the table engraved with a symbol of auspicious beauty of the “five bats” decoration, showing a rich Chinese style, great collection value. Full chain can provide 42 hours power reserve. Reference Retail Price: RMB86,800 (Exclusive for exclusive use in mainland China only)
1:1 Swiss IWC Replica Watches
Swiss watchmaker cheap IWC replica watches focus on technology and research and development, since 1868 continue to create watches with lasting value. The company is eager to pursue innovative technology and original technology, has won wide acclaim in the world. As one of the world’s leading brands in the field of professional luxury watches, IWC combines exemplary precision performance with a unique design to create a model that epitomizes the highest level of Haute Horlogerie. As a company that is environmentally conscious and socially responsible, IWC is actively promoting sustainable production, supporting children’s and youth organizations globally and maintaining close relationships with climate and environmental agencies.

IWC Portugal Replica Luxury Tourbillon limited edition watch

November 2017 During Dubai Watch Week, best IWC replica partnered with Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons to launch a unique timepiece for Middle Eastern collectors: the Portuguese Tourbillon manual winding watch (model number: IW546307) with a dark green dial, limited edition Issue 25 pieces. Designed for advanced watch lovers, this watch will be available for sale on IWC Middle East Boutiques starting December 1, 2017.

Created in the 1930s and designed to meet the needs of Portuguese merchants, the Portuguese series was named after it and has now become one of the IWC’s pillars. The Portuguese Tourbillon manual winding watch, introduced in 2011, reflects Kurt Klaus and his team’s advanced watchmaking talent; it remains low-key despite the high-end mechanism.
The limited edition of the new watch 25, the dark green dial, flying tourbillon set at 9 o’clock position. Case diameter 43 mm, with a black crocodile leather strap. Equipped with 98900 hand-wound movement, sapphire crystal through the back, you can appreciate the precise operation of the movement. The movement is equipped with IWC portuguese replica review iconic balance wheel and can provide up to 54 hours power reserve.
Luc Rochereau, regional director for Middle East, India and Africa at IWC, said: “The toughest connoisseurs and collectors in the Middle East have been supporting IWC for many years and the brand has decided to launch a dedicated timepiece for the region.”
The Seddiqi family continues to be an ardent supporter of IWC and is pleased to offer timeless timepieces to watch lovers in the region. “The Portuguese timepieces have always been the best example of IWC¬†replica swiss movement watches and even the fine Swiss watchmaking,” said Abdul Hamied Seddiqi, vice president of Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons. “It is a great honor to be able to offer this rare tourbillon hand-wound Watch.